Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford Criticises Conservative MP

Marcus Rashford, a star Manchester United football player and equality advocate has criticised a conservative party MP for his comments on child hunger.


Earlier this year, the United star Marcus Rashford forced the UK prime minister boris johnson into a spectacular U-turn over extending free school meals into the summer holidays. His fight for equality and charity work has not ended there – he has raised over £20 million for kid’s meal fund to provide food for school children. Recently, Marcus Rashford criticised a comment made by the conservative MP for Thrisk and Malton, kevin hollinrake.

Ignorant comment by Tory MP

The MP was praising the government’s ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme on Twitter when he replied to a comment about Marcus Rashford’s commendable school meals campaign by saying ‘where they can, it’s a parent’s job to feed their children’. Rashford was quick to reply to the mp’s ignorant and elitist comment with an intelligent response:

‘I would urge you to talk to families before tweeting. To this day I haven’t met one parent who hasn’t wanted or felt the responsibility to feed their children. Put to the side that this comment came from an MP. Its comments like this that prevent people from speaking their truth and asking for help. We need to start uplifting each other. I would have had the same response to anyone tweeting this.’

The MP has not yet publicly replied to Rashford’s comment.

Marcus Rashford’s School Meal Campaign

The Wythenshawe-raised 22-year-old Marcus Rashford has teamed up with Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Deliveroo, FareShare, Food Foundation, Iceland, Kellogg’s, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose to form the Child Food Poverty Task Force. Rashford’s task force is calling on the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to fund free school meals for every child from a household on Universal Credit or equivalent, which would be an additional 1.5m seven-16-year olds. It is important to invest into children’s future as these will be the workers and leaders of the next generation – so far, Rashford’s campaign has done more for child food poverty than the government.