Gay Village Tier 3 Shutdown

According to a bar owner in Manchester’s Gay Village, ninety per cent of businesses will be forced to shutdown due to the city’s new Tier 3 status. The business owner has warned that the majority of Gay Village will be forced to shut, as a result of the new measures. From Friday, Greater Manchester’s new Tier 3 lockdown will be enforced, which will result in the closure of around two thousand pubs and bars across the area. According to Tier 3 rules, only places that will serve food alongside alcohol will be allowed to remain open. Furthermore, the rules dictate that alcohol can only be served as part of a meal. Manchester’s vibrant LGBTQ+ area is expected to be hit quite hard, by the additional coronavirus safety measures. Manchester Evening News spoke to owner of Bar Pop and Churchills, John Hamilton, whose bars are Gay Village favourites. The bar boss lamented the government’s “survival of the fittest” tactics, as he warned of dire consequences for small independent business owners. He added, the Tier 2 lockdown which has been in place for months, has already severely affected business. Tier 2 regulations require pubs and bars to close at 10pm, which has seen customers spilling onto the streets altogether, possibly contributing to the spread of the virus.

Burnham vs Johnson

Meanwhile, Manchester’s mayor Andy Burnham has faced the wrath of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, coming up short in hard-fought negotiations over Manchester’s Tier 3 lockdown. After demanding a minimum of £65 million to help support businesses in the Greater Manchester area, Boris shunned his demands. In a move set to stoke further tensions between the local and central government, Johnson has since announced that £60 million will be paid to Manchester, but not to Andy Burnham. Many MPs and members of the local government in Greater Manchester have criticised Burnham’s negotiation tactics.