Manchester to Lymm Travel Guide

Depending on the route taken, Lymm, Cheshire, is located between approximately 15 and 20 miles away from Manchester. A quaint and idyllic village in the northern part of the county of Cheshire, Lymm offers visitors a glimpse into one of the region’s continuously inhabited rural villages. As an important hub during the golden era of canals, through which the Bridgewater Canal still passes, Lymm boasts numerous visitor attractions, historical landmarks and scenic natural locations. For all those visiting Manchester, Lymm represents the perfect short excursion, away from Manchester’s hustle and bustle. There is something for everyone in Lymm, from sports activities to idyllic walking trails as well as the famous Lymm Festival, be sure not to miss out on Lymm, when visiting Manchester!


Manchester to Lymm – Your Travel Options

The M602 connects Manchester to the M62 motorway, which leads to Warrington and then onto Liverpool. Following the M602 to M60 junction 1, leads directly onto the A57 which makes for an easy drive into the Lymm. A total of 17.6 miles, this represents the fastest driving route to Lymm.

The shortest driving route to Lymm follows the A56 outside of Manchester, through Trafford and Stretford, then onto the A6144 Carrington Spur. The shorter yet slightly more congested route follows A roads and comprises a total of 14.7 miles.


Bus services operate from Manchester to Lymm via Altrincham Interchange and take 1 hour 50 minutes.

Line 263 runs from Chinatown in Manchester City Centre via Altrincham Interchange to Lymm taking 1 hour 58 minutes.


A standard taxi from Manchester Piccadilly Station takes approximately 25 minutes, traffic conditions permitting, and costs between £35 and £50.

If you’re visiting Manchester and want to experience a quaint village, not far from Manchester City Centre, consider a day excursion to Lymm. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed!