Manchester Drugs Deaths Reach Record High

Cocaine and prescription drugs have contributed the most to Manchester’s drugs deaths, as figures reach record highs. According to one expert voice, due to the stresses and pressures caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, next year’s figures could be even higher. As sizeable increases have are being observed in Wigan, Oldham and Bury, overall statistics show that figures have reached seventeen per cent, over the last six years. Statistics have shown that the number of drugs death in the last year were the highest since records began, with two hundred and sixty-eight death occurring due to drug poisoning.

Office of National Statistics

In the figures released by the Office of National Statistics, an increase of twelve per cent was witnessed from the previous year. Furthermore, the ONS added, Manchester’s alarming figures come against the backdrop of falling numbers of drugs deaths across the country. While nationally, most drugs deaths are caused by heroin and morphine, Manchester’s figures are more alarming because this figure dropped nationally. Although deaths involving cocaine have risen rapidly in recent years, other drugs such as cannabis and prescription drugs have lured new users. Prescription drugs being blamed for the growing problem include anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants and painkillers.

Cannabis Farm in Loft

In recent weeks, as the drug problem in Greater Manchester seems to spiral out of control, a man who was found with thirty cannabis plants has faced trial. After telling police he intended to use the cannabis to self-medicate his back, he has narrowly avoided jail. During the initial bust, police found the plants with extractor fans, lights, transformers, fans and plant food. Also, it was discovered that the house’s electricity supply had been illegally bypassed. Avoiding a jail sentence, the accused, 45 year old George Jacques of Rochdale, was instead handed an 18 month community order.