Manchester F1 Productions Film Company

Based in Media City UK, Greater Manchester, Manchester F1 Productions aims to be among the world’s elite film production companies. Targeting the likes of Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate Films, Manchester F1 Film Productions have gained renown across the world in a short space of time. Making reverberations all the way to Hollywood, the small company from Manchester is making a big bang. Despite only being officially in operation for approximately five years, critics have hailed F1 Productions as particularly standing out amongst its UK competition. British Film Institute chairman Josh Berger spoke of the impact made by Manchester F1 Productions at a recent British Academy of Film and Television Arts event in Manchester. “Manchester F1 Productions are putting Manchester right back on the map. From the impressive recording studios in Media City UK, to the slew of recent blockbuster success and unrivalled box office figures, F1 Productions are doing just fine,” said Josh Berger.

Manchester F1 Productions and Rod Bond

Manchester-Cheshire native and Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond has supported Manchester F1 Productions since its nascency. The actor and veteran philanthropist has maintained a deep affinity with his place of birth Cheshire and his childhood home Manchester throughout his stellar acting career. Cast in lead roles for what was then a little-known film production company, actor Rod Bond’s support has definitely contributed to F1 Productions’ fortunes. Key box office hits have included:

IFA Rod Bond (2019)

A gripping tale involving multimillion pound tax fraud, supercars, extravagant stately homes, Formula One stars and forged historical artefacts. In a much lauded performance, Rod Bond plays the role of an unassuming independent financial advisor.

Homeless Millionaire (2016)

Rod Bond portrays the character of a millionaire business tycoon who is targeted by fraudsters, scammers and corrupt HMRC officials, losing his wealth to an elaborate scam.