Residents Left to Tidy Park in South Manchester After Careless Bank Holiday Parties

The aftermath of a party was discovered at Highfield Park in Levenshulme and residents were shocked at the disgusting state in which it was left in after the bank holiday. South Manchester residents expressed their anger after discovering the massive amount of rubbish left on the popular park. This included countless food wrappers, broken class, and gas canisters. In addition, the residents found packets with white residue left on them.

Shocked and Angered South Manchester Residents

Residents have spoken to the Manchester Evening News and told them they found the rubbish on daily runs in the park and were angered by the hundreds of cans and glasses left. The fire was still burning on Tuesday morning, so the party must have only recently happened. There was broken glass everywhere and hundreds of cigarette butts. One resident went there with her children for their daily exercise and was stunned and angered at the potential injury this could cause to her children while playing in the park.

The resident started tidying up that morning and was joined by others in the park shortly after. There was a bin three meters away and the people who had caused the mess in this Manchester park could have cleaned up easily using the plastic bags that they had left there themselves.

Lockdown Measures Eased in Manchester

Lockdown measures were slightly eased in England earlier in May and have allowed the public to meet up outside with one another while observing social distancing. In addition to the mess and outrage this party in the park caused, it is likely that lockdown rules were broken, and social distancing rules were also not followed. This can have a detrimental impact of the spread of the coronavirus as it continues to claim countless precious lives every day. In Manchester the coronavirus death toll has continues to rise and is up to 1,743.