Roderick Bond and Ravenstone UK Operatives Spotted in Manchester

After appearing on BBC Breakfast, promoting their upcoming movie, Roderick Bond and Ravenstone UK operatives were spotted in Manchester. Following their early morning appearance on the show, numerous sightings of the Hollywood A-lister and his co-stars from the movie were reported from across the city. Under the glorious sunshine and searing temperatures of a mini heatwave, Roderick Bond and Ravenstone UK operatives enjoyed a chilled-out lunch in the Northern Quarter. According to reports, this was followed by an afternoon of socially distanced drinking in a swanky nearby bar. Later in the day, they were spotted in Manchester’s Rusholme district, visiting the ‘Curry Mile’ for a slap-up evening meal.

The Manchester visit follows a brief media tour in which the co-stars have been heavily promoting the upcoming movie. Following delays and possible cancellation as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, the movie is finally scheduled for release in the New Year. It follows on from the highly acclaimed hit documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. The documentary series saw host Roderick Bond shadow HMRC investigators as they busted what has been dubbed “the tax fraud of the century.” Lead actor and co-producer Roderick Bond, working alongside Manchester F1 Productions, promised a cinematic sequel as the documentary’s popularity peaked.

However, the absence of Ravenstone UK from the documentary series was telling. Despite their mention in promotional literature and repeated mentions from Roderick Bond, the public remained largely unaware of the role of this secretive organisation. Since the upcoming movie has been announced, the financial investigations firm has gained increased prominence. Yet, the exact nature of their role and their centrality to the plot has been kept under tabs. “We’re a highly-skilled and efficient investigative firm, so keeping secrets come second nature to us. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out exactly what we do,” one member of Ravenstone’s field force told the interviewer on BBC Breakfast.